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The importance of referencing in medical writing

Guide Ace my homework:The importance of referencing in medical writing 

When it comes to academic writing, each discipline has its own set of guidelines that must be adhered to. Some disciplines have very strict guidelines than others and this is mainly dependent on the complexity of the discipline. Among the most strict academic texts are medical papers. Medical writing requires a higher degree of seriousness and caution since a simple mistake can have a grave effect on the entire paper.

There are numerous aspects that you should put into consideration in medical writing. Among these aspects are: language, structure, in-text citations and referencing. However, before you even think about these aspects, it is important that you prepare content for the paper. This post seeks to channel its focus on referencing in medical writing. This is largely because referencing in this discipline has proven to be a hard nut to crack.

After you have created the content for the medical paper, you are required to reference the sources of your data at the end of the text or at the bottom of each slide you are using for presentation. Referencing is simply acknowledging the sources of your data. However, these sources must be presented in a certain style which will be specified on the assignment instructions.

Why is referencing done?

Apart from the fact that you are acknowledging the sources of your information, there are other reasons why referencing is important. These reasons include:

·       Helps to avoid plagiarism

·       It is a sign of respect to the original owner of your source of information

·       Acts as a directory for leaders incase they might want additional information

·       Enhances the credibility of your medical writing

In-text citation/referencing styles

Now that you  have understood the importance of referencing in medical writing, you need to know the different styles of referencing. In medical writing, most schools have their own styles that they recommend for referencing. However, in case there is no given model, you can adopt the referencing styles from internationally acknowledged journals. There are two key ways through which in-text references are identified in medical writing and they include:

·       Use of superscripts like _1 or_3

·       Enclosing numbers inside brackets -(1) or -(4)

Referencing lists

Once the in-text citations have been identified, you will need to create a list of all the sources and present them in a numerical way. The reference list should also correspond with the in-text sources. There are various referencing styles. However, the most common styles in medical writing are:

·       APA (American Psychological Association)

·       Harvard

·       MLA

·       Vancouver

·       Oxford

·       Turabian

It is very important that medical students familiarize themselves with these referencing styles as they can be required to use any of the above. In addition, once you have determined which referencing style you are required to use, ensure that you use it consistently in the medical paper. This is aimed at ensuring that you maintain the same structure throughout the paper.

Medical writing is very intensive thus you need to ensure that you keenly follow the guidelines laid down for every referencing style. In case you are having trouble referencing your medical paper, simply visit www.acemyhomeworks.com to receive help from experts!