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Through the utilization of this Website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions highlighted herein. You warrant to have full legal authority to be legally bound by the Terms and Conditions.


  • “Website” means the including the webpages and sub-domains contained, where services are enlisted and executed.

  • “Services” include different written projects entailing essays, dissertations, and other academic work requested by consumers.

  • "Terms & Conditions,” they also include: Privacy Policy, Money Back Guarantee.

  • “We,” “Us,” “Ours,” means

  • “You” “Client” it means an individual, entrepreneur, or an entity seeking services enlisted on the website and have agreed to the Terms. Anyone who bids, executes a project, uploading content, or transacting payments on

  • “Writer” is a qualified personnel employed or contracted by us to deliver writing services to clients within the approved agreement.

  • “Account” Entail the personalized segment of the website, restricted from public accesses and can only be accessed after an approved user’s registration.

  • “Order” Is an electronic request compensated for the client requesting for a specific writing service. The order comprises of detailed instructions and requirements demanded by the client.

Order Placing and Registration

  • A valid email address is mandatory when registering with the website. The email is necessary for communication. Providing an incorrect email is a violation of Terms and Conditions.

  • The site provides orders placed by clients. We do not collect any fee for placing orders. Writers bid for projects placed by clients.

  • The client and writer are in constant communication after being assigned the placed order. The writer is accountable for asking the profound details of the assignment. When the writer’s bid is accepted, the client deposits the agreed compensation with our website.

  • The messaging system is provided for both the writer and client. The messaging system ensures that the work is handled without hiccups. Kindly check messages regularly and address the concerns immediately. The messages should be professional and constricted to the assignment. Disclosing personal information between writers and clients is prohibited.

  • The system grants transparency where both customer and writer can track the progress of the job. The website provides status and percentages of work handled. Below are the possible job statuses:
    “Bidding”- A client creates a job order. The writer bids for the client’s work “In Progress”- depending on the professional experience and competence, the client chooses their preferred writer. The writer works on the order providing the client with the final product. The client reviews the product.
    “Finished”- when the client approves the project and authorizes “release complete amount” button.
    “Cancelled by the Client”- client revokes an order before its finished status. The client does not suffer financial implication.
    “Cancelled by Writer”- writer disapproves the order or his/her capacity does not align with the order. The client has no financial implication.
    “Cancelled by System”- system automatically disapproves the order due to lack of payment/ passed deadline/ or violation of clause 2.4. The client suffers no financial implication

Order Payment

  • The order placement in the website is free. The money can be paid anytime. However, as a client, you are expected to fund the facilitation of the project. You shall provide the agreed fee as bid by the writer. Upon the completion of the order and approval of the final product, the funds are completely released. In this period, the client cannot present any complaints or revision claims.

  • When you change your mind concerning our services, your funds can be withdrawn after placing an appropriate request. The funds withdrawal will be debited to User’s account after a claim. The refund will be perfected 15 business days after the claim has been placed.

  • You are liable of any taxes projected including the value added taxes that might be applicable depending on the services delivered.

  • Depending on your location, you are liable to applicable taxes upon the fees charges. The taxes entail ad valorem or other taxes, which will appear on your billed fees, if applicable.

  • You agree your compliance to any income tax provision within your jurisdiction.

Order Processing

  • Order Volume- each work placed by the client has the demanded volume measured through number of pages. 275 words equated to one page. Upon the order delivery, the product has to equate to the expected page metric. In case of any hiccups, the client has the authority to request for the adjustment of the order to match the required number of pages.

  • Changes of Order Details. The client is required to provide the order details before the writer starts working on the paper. Once the writer starts working on the paper, the client cannot change the instructions provided. If the client changes the instructions, he/she is expected to place a new order.

  • Resources. When the client demands for specific materials to be used, they are expected to provide the materials.

  • Communication. The client and writer are highly encouraged to have constant interaction through the website chat, the support team, and the messaging system especially when seeking clarification.

  • Progress tracking. The client has the authority to track the order progress through the personal account. The order status is displayed. The client can contact support team through the messaging system to get progress updates.

Order Processing

  • We are liable or the order delivery and meeting the deadline indicated in the order.

  • The client has the personal liability to ensure availability of the delivery channels once the product has been delivered. Therefore, the incorrect email is the responsibility of the client. We are not liable of the client’s negligence on communication and delivery channels. In case of some challenges in order’s delivery, the client is encouraged to contact the support.

  • Once the product is delivered, the client is responsible for timely downloading.

  • In case of a refund request, kindly review the Money Back Guarantee section.

  • Progress tracking. The client has the authority to track the order progress through the personal account. The order status is displayed. The client can contact support team through the messaging system to get progress updates.


  • When the full payment is not released to the writer, the client has the authority to demand for revision. After the final payment, the client is deprived the right to make the revision request.

  • Kindly observe that we reserve the right to revoke or limit numbers of revision requests if the client exudes exploitation tendencies to the writer or placing unreasonable requests.

Refund Policy

  • It is our responsibility to ascertain that the client receives her/his order on time and tailored to the placed instructions by the client. If any of the client’s requirements is violated, they are entitled to partial or full reimbursement according to our Money Back Guarantee terms.

  • Kindly observe that we reserve the right to revoke or limit numbers of revision requests if the client exudes exploitation tendencies to the writer or placing unreasonable requests.

The Utilization of the Products

  • When placing a request about an order, you have to indicate whether it is for personal use. The payment afforded reflects the time and effort invested in conducting relevant analyzing and writing concerning the order.

  • You are prohibited from replicating, redistributing, or altering the product especially on the Internet.

Account Information and Security

  • During the registration process, you are supposed to provide e-mail address and select a password.

  • Your account data is your privacy and should not be disclosed to anyone

  • You are accountable for every activity performed on your account. If there is a security infringement, you should visit your profile and change the password.

  • If you forget your password, kindly click “Forget your Password” section to reset your password once you satisfy the security check.

Termination and Suspension of Use

  • The website can only be used for non-commercial services.

  • Any illegal activities are prohibited within the website.

  • The breaching of the Terms and Conditions warrants your accountability to any loss and costs accrued.

  • We reserve the right to terminate your use of the website when any of the terms are breached.

  • If we have adequate evidence concerning your effect on lawful operation within the website or affect other clients, we are liable to suspending your access to the website as the investigation progresses.

  • In case of any personal contact with the writer that is prohibited within the website, the action will be considered as the violation of the terms.